Various Benefits of Black Tea for Health

Tea consumption is certainly no stranger to the people of Indonesia. Drinks that are usually consumed this morning or evening, apparently have a variety of types, including black tea. However, what are the benefits of black tea and how much consumption is recommended? Black tea comes from the type of Camellia sinensis. If green tea requires tea leaves to be dried immediately and followed by a steam process not long after being picked, then to produce black tea, the tea leaves will be left to brown through a perfect oxidation process so as to produce a distinctive taste and color. What are the Benefits of Black Tea? Although not yet fully proven medically, here are the possible benefits of black tea for physical health, including: Increase alertness while increasing the ability of the brain when learning, remembering, and processing information.Relieve the condition of low blood pressure after eating.Prevents the formation of kidney stonesPreventing heart disease, including avoidi…
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